About our organizaiton

Established in the year 2019, EthGeeks stands as a collective of EVM researchers with a central dedication to fortifying the security of the Ethereum network. Our foremost endeavor revolves around meticulously scrutinizing operational contracts, which serve as linchpins for users across the global spectrum. Our overarching objective encapsulates the augmentation of the challenges associated with uncovering and capitalizing on security loopholes. Through our unwavering commitment, we aspire to elevate the overall safety and impregnability of Web3 for all. [Read More]

TokenRecovery Tutorial

How to use TokenRovery to get back your tokens

Table Of Contents Background TokenRecovery Installation binary downloads source code Usage Example Step 1: contract analysis Step 2: proving ownership Step 3: recovering tokens Retrieving account private key Metamask Trezor References Background An extensively prevalent error within the realm of cryptocurrencies involves sending ERC20 tokens to a contract address. These contracts act akin to gravitational wells, absorbing any tokens directed towards them. [Read More]